My bookshelf

Food for Free (2001 edition) by Richard Mabey – and the Collins Gem pocket size edition (2004 edition)

Wild Food (1983 edition) by Roger Phillips

Hedgerow – River Cottage Handbook No.7 (2010) by John Wright

Booze For Free (2011) by Andy Hamilton

Edible Seashore – River Cottage Handbook No.5 (2009) by John Wright

Hatfield’s Herbal – The Secret History of British Plants (2007) by Gabrielle Hatfield

Fungi of Britain and Northern Europe (1991) by Paul Sterry

How to Enjoy Your Weeds (1975 edition) by Audrey Wynne Hatfield

The Photographic Guide to Identify Herbs and Medicinal Plants (1987)by Roger Phillips

The Mitchell Beazley pocket guide to Wild Flowers (1980) by Peter D Moore

Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe – Collins Nature Guides (1994) by W. Lippert and D. Podlech

Usborne Spotter’s Guides to Wild Flowers (1978) by Christopher Humphries

National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs (2012) by Rebecca Johnson, Steven Foster, Tieraona Low Dog, David Kiefer

Jekka’s Complete Herb Book (2009) by Jekka McVicar

Mushrooms (2006) by Roger Phillips

A Modern Herbal (1974) by Violet Stevenson

The Complete Book of Herbs (1988) by Lesley Bremness

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